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Percent change different between same numbers

Okay, I get it, when going from 10 to 20, it’s a 100% change. And when going from 20 to 10 it’s a 50% change, but that doesn’t help me. The process I wrote for novascore to alert you when your ping response times change by great than 20% is great. But when it flips back to the prior value, as per the video below, it just doesn’t look “right”.

A node goes from 13ms to 19ms from one day to the next, so novascore sends the alert. It states there has been an increase to the ping response time of 32 percent, gravy. The following day, the line has returned to usual operation, dropping back from 19ms to 13ms, however the percent change is advertised as 46% decrease. It’s right, mathematically, but if one was just to loop at their emails at a glance, they’d be forgiven for thinking the line has returned to a lower response rate than original.

My brain operates line a¬†finely tuned intel 386, and it’s going to take some time before I come up with the solution to this simple issue.

One thought on “Percent change different between same numbers”

  1. Cody Humpwhistle Post author

    I couldn’t come with an easy solution for the percent change looking different when going up and down between the same numbers, so I just removed the percent change from the email subject and added the actual ms response time difference. i.e INCREASE of 12ms.

    Then if it flexes back down the next day by a similar ms, you’ll easily see it’s back to where you expect, without getting confused, as I did, by by percent change.

    Get ya fat ass over to and get a free account, it’s free.


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