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Je m’appelle comrades

I recently through down a few words for an interview with which isn’t very interesting if I had to be completely honest. But for reasons related to SEO and conforming to the standards of internet recognition, I’m going to talk as if it was. You can check out the whole interview here where I ramble on and drop as many keywords related to linux and crypto currency as I can. Like I just did in that previous sentence actually. Here’s a fancy looking quote of something I said in the interview:

There is too much bullsh*t in the world.

I was going to google an image of a banana and insert that, but I’m worried that it would end up being a copyrighted image of a banana, that would get picked up on mass scan, and then the media moguls would hunt me down and start sending letters saying I’m going to jail unless I agree to settle for £699. So here is an image of the post man delivering a letter.

It’s pink. Now why would I be having a pink letter delivered? Tune in next week, for an update on what was in the letter.

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