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Zygor World Of Warcraft Addon

I’m always up for a bit of escapism and after a few months of throwing in the towel with WoW (World of Warcraft) I always feel it calling me back. The usual cycle is to subscribe for 30 days, play for about 3 days and then throw in the towel.

The issue has always been, I don’t get any sense of clear progression. I start questing, and before I know it I have a shit load of quests pulling me all over the map. Where to to go next? What would be the most efficient path to get these handed in whilst completing these outstanding ones. Do I even have to take this one, or is it just a side quest that’s just going to extend my quest log – or hang on, maybe I need this quest for progression, as it’s part of a bigger story. I’ll get it just in case – or… fuck it. I’ll log off instead, this game is shit.

So with any problem, I turned to reddit, and was looking for the best quest addon that would streamline the process and babysit me through each step. I tried various free ones, as that’s my favourite price. None of the free ones “cut it” as much as I liked, they either bugged on certain steps, got stuck in loops or simply didn’t make the experience any smoother.

Now let me say at this point, I don’t do sponsored content ever, so below is not an endorsement that benefits me, just something I came across and love. One Addon I kept hear getting mentioned was Zygor, check out the short video below.

I’m not going to  rabbit on about it, it lets you choose a specific quest-line, gives you an option to drop all the irrelevant quests from your log which are not related to the specified quest line, and then just get on with it. It’s a subscription service, about £5 a month, but it’s worth it for me, as it addresses me key frustration and lets me get on with escapism.

Maybe give it a try.

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