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Whatever’s measured, gets improved.

I have a theory, with no scientific grounding.

A wise man once said, “observation, is the key the mastery”. And he was old as well – so, old and wise. You can’t get anymore grand than that.

I’ve tested this theory, by having things such as my weight measured weekly, waist – daily. And although I had no fast and hard systems for dieting, you find yourself developing methods of adaptation as your constantly receiving feedback about the thing you’re trying to improve. Peace of piss – that requires no filler to make it’s point. If you want to advance in an area, create a system the best allows you to measure it.

Maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe something else. Spend some time, and be honest with yourself. What is the best way to  measure progress, or lack of, on this specific thing you’d like to improve. Then do it. Just measure it for a few months, test the theory of the old wise man. Let me know how you get on.

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