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clear the schedule

So that last post was about using a todo list app and how to prioritise. I don’t give a shit.

Sometimes you need to clear the schedule of everything, and let that idea rise from the pits of hell.

Seriously. There are days when I have my list, and know what needs to be done next. And yet, there is something inside nagging me. Trying to get out, trying to find some head space to communicate, but is being suffocated by all the active and sub conscious thought processes. I can feel it there, and it needs to be set free.

Your only responsible action at that point is to make the effort to update your list, so it’s clear for the day. Tick your repeating reminders, they’ll be back up tomorrow or next week. Move your other tasks that were planned for today, over to tomorrow or whatever and know; you’ve taken action to clear the day out. Don’t even chase the surfacing thought, let it come, or not, au natural.

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