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As per usual, no affiliation and all that shit.

It’s the David Dickinson real deal. You want easy crypto investment without all the fucking about? Get your fat ass over to and sign up. I got in on the beta deal in the UK, fortune favours the bold. As part of the beta, big Matt threw in an offer for fee free transactions for life. Last I heard, he was still trying to hook a few UK’ers to get on the platform, so if you’re interested, do your research. I’m not going to sell you on the company but I’ll tell you this.

You setup a weekly direct debit, it goes over on the Monday. Give them a few days to aggregate the cash and do whatever fucking arounf they do with it. Friday they send the crypto (bitcoinm, ETH) to your wallet. Your wallet. They don’t hold it, they just do all the leg work of converting hard earned cash into crypto, then it’s yours – done.

If if sounds ideal, and it should, send them a message first saying Cody Humpwhistle sent you and you’re after some fee free business. They won’t know who I am of course, because I have zero fucking affiliation, so just ask if the beta is still on, as you a piece of the pie.

I would – I do.


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