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Monthly Archives: October 2018

the controller and free flow stream of thought

During my more recent mindfulness exercises I’ve been observing two clear processes of thought. I’ve written about particular states before, and this isn’t necessarily an updated or more homed version of this observations, simply a more recent one.

When I begin the exercise I’m presented with two options: allow the free flow of thought to pass through the observer, or direct it.

Free flow is a relaxed state where you simply get to observe without distraction. It’s kind of like the mind already has queued up some thoughts it would like to process, and it comes very natural in the sense you don’t need to start the thread or direct the focus. I have observed however, towards the end of a thread it will begin to end it’s natural momentum and choice will be offered back:

  • continue flow, although the current will be much more weak, meaning the process of observation takes a little more effort to maintain.
  • direct thought – become the controller. This for me is a perfect opportunity to observe what you’re trying to avoid, controlling thought.

At this point you may think,

ahh the perfect time to address these concerns which have just surface, I’ll just think through them now and see if we can come to any kind of conclusion.

I’d advise against this. Now is the perfect opportunity to observe the weaker current flow. Observe.

Don’t steer, don’t take control.

Allow the background flow of information to surface and just go with it. You may feel something appear and have a moment of consideration for the solution. This is fine, go with the flow. They key is to not direct, not steer but be taken away and absorbed by whatever may present.

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