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Monthly Archives: December 2018


It’s orange and wet.

It has to be said, it’s just too wet. Because it’s like a meal and shit, it comes with loads of stuff on it, mainly onions. And it’s this stuff that decreases your ratio of “chicken” or “lamb” as the majority of the ingredients used are onions (not sliced diced and fried, like big think soggy skin chunks), tomato (i think) and peppers and shit.

The spice level is good, I’ll give it that. A nice ping, doesn’t play on your stomach for the following 24 hours, and enough to wake the pallet up. But I can’t get over the wetness. I’m afraid it’s a not from me.

This post was sponsored by: why the fuck are you taking about an Indian at 7am in the morning?

Equal opportunities, that’s why bitch.