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It’s orange and wet.

It has to be said, it’s just too wet. Because it’s like a meal and shit, it comes with loads of stuff on it, mainly onions. And it’s this stuff that decreases your ratio of “chicken” or “lamb” as the majority of the ingredients used are onions (not sliced diced and fried, like big think soggy skin chunks), tomato (i think) and peppers and shit.

The spice level is good, I’ll give it that. A nice ping, doesn’t play on your stomach for the following 24 hours, and enough to wake the pallet up. But I can’t get over the wetness. I’m afraid it’s a not from me.

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Equal opportunities, that’s why bitch.

methods of persuasion – short term

Some practical advice you can put into action.

APU. Read it as a word and say it out loud. APU – A poo.

A poo. A poo. APU.

  • Anchor
  • Prime
  • Unload

You’re just not going to find this shit anywhere else on the internet. You want short term results? Walk this way.

I’ve just finished methods of persuasion by Nick Kolenda, and you know what – it’s a decent book. But I came away with my own shortcut system for all the advice offered. If you want to persuade someone in a short amount of time, increase your chances with APU.

Let’s say we want to buy a new toy, but we anticipate resistance from the mark.

Anchor – You need to float your idea into the consciousness of the mark. It has to come across like an idea, can even come out half joking. If you put it as matter of fact, it will raise the defences of the mark and the game is over. “this car’s getting some miles on it now, would be cheaper getting a new one for the cost of maintenance” or “the telly’s had a better day, need a magnifying glass to see the screen”. Depending on time, you can anchor once and move to prime a short while later. But in the perfect world, the more you anchor WITHOUT raising the defences of the mark, the greater the chances when it comes to execution.

Prime – There are many examples and interpretations in the book, but I’m going to be precise. Have a conversation with the mark about someone recently having an open mind. For example, “I was talking to Dave today and he’s been pondering a career change, thinks he may be happy trying something new”. Or “Was talking to little Mike and he’s been listening to some freethinkers and has genuinely been questioning his faith”. Or any other countless example of someone being open minded. If you can use a real life example, even better.

Unload – The money shot. The foundations have been laid. Regardless of the result, our chances have improved, the final part of the job is a clean execution. By clean, I’m talking about presenting the idea as a serious idea. Without the joking, and without pressure. Just as a thought that just “popped” into your head and you’re considering out loud. “i’m thinking of low balling an offer for a car, would be a steal if accepted” or “could do with taking a look at TV’s today”. Simple, clean, execution. Just a statement slipped in from nowhere, with no conviction so no reason to question.

Of course an objection may be raised, and the key’s to play it cool, and if it’s looking like a no ball, switch it up to an anchor play. It’s your only option. It maintains strength longer term and means you’ve not lost any ground, only increased the chances for your next pitch.

And then of course there is the chance I’m talking absolute shit, and I’d probably put that ahead of this being something you can actually use in real life.

But who knows, it’s worth a shot.

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Whatever’s measured, gets improved.

I have a theory, with no scientific grounding.

A wise man once said, “observation, is the key the mastery”. And he was old as well – so, old and wise. You can’t get anymore grand than that.

I’ve tested this theory, by having things such as my weight measured weekly, waist – daily. And although I had no fast and hard systems for dieting, you find yourself developing methods of adaptation as your constantly receiving feedback about the thing you’re trying to improve. Peace of piss – that requires no filler to make it’s point. If you want to advance in an area, create a system the best allows you to measure it.

Maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe something else. Spend some time, and be honest with yourself. What is the best way to  measure progress, or lack of, on this specific thing you’d like to improve. Then do it. Just measure it for a few months, test the theory of the old wise man. Let me know how you get on.

The 5 minute rule

Essentially, if you can’t be arsed to do something but it needs to be done. Do it for 5 minutes. If you’re not flowing, reschedule to continue tomorrow. So on and so fourth.

I have a daily todolist, ticktick I use (no affiliation), and often I’ll get to something I just don’t feel like doing. Start it, don’t worry about completing it. It just creates a better psychology around getting things done, as it never feels like you’ve got a big task ahead. Well – that’s not strictly true, you’ve got to be realistic with it, for example:

Cleaning your car, you could start that for 5 minutes, you’ve got everything out, the hose set up, and then after 5 minutes, put it all back away “well, I adhered to the 5 minute rule, so I’m done today”. It’s not really going to work long term is it, as you’re not actually making any progress on the task, there isn’t a measurable step forward. I guess that’s the key here, it only applies, if those 5 minutes are in the bank, and the next day you can pick up from where you left off and continue moving forward, rather than starting again from the beginning.

Primary example today was I had to move the CCTV camera mounted on the side of my house, further back for one reason or another. Part of this was finding the old mount kit it came with, that I never fitted originally, and use it during the remount. Right off the bat I couldn’t be arsed, we’re talking about an hour or so of fucking around with cables and finding the old mount that alone could take 15 minutes, that’s if I locate it at all.

From the second I woke up, having a load of other shit to be getting on with as well, I just wasn’t looking forward to working through everything that had to be done today, this being one of the biggest tasks. Rather than just power through, I spent 5 minutes looking for the mount kit (never found it), and rescheduled for tomorrow. I feel better for making progress, and don’t have the task hanging over my head for the rest of the day.

Another example is recording the audio for a podcast, I don’t get excited when I’ve got to do this but I know longer term, it is a benefit. Now, after setting up, and starting to talk you actually do fall into flow usually. So it works well. But what if you didn’t. 5 minutes in, you’re just not feeling it. This is a “fence case” – literally just made that expression up. But we’ve got a task whereas you could make an argument that you’ve made progress that you can pick up from tomorrow and record another 5 minutes, or treat the initial recording as a “draft” that didn’t sound good enough to be published, so you’ll try again tomorrow. Or – must we power on like the Car Wash case?

I’m actually on the fence, when I started writing the previous paragraph the intention was to end it with “sometimes you’ve just got to use common sense and power through, as it wouldn’t make sense to end it at the 5 minute mark” but I’ve changed my mind. If you start to record an episode, and you’re not feeling it and sound like a flat fart, well fuck it. Hang it up and come back tomorrow – why not? What’s the fucking rush. If you’re doing something and not enjoying it, what’s the point of forcing it if it can be delay without any serious penalty? You’ll only resent the task, and end up quitting it all together longer term.

So I guess I’m going to reference the 80/20 rule based off of nothing really. Being, if you start something based on the 5 minute rule, and you’re not feeling it, 80% of the time you can reschedule. But some times, as in the car wash example, you’re just going to have to get that shit done. As when you come to it the next day, you’ll have to repeat the exact same process meaning you made no measurable impact the day before.

We can conclude with this post in of itself. I was just supposed to be putting down the title and a one line description about the content of the post, to pick up another time when I’m doing my “5 minute blog write” task, and yet I hit the natural flow state, and you always go with the flow. Using that momentum of enthusiasm and wanting to work on something, trumps all else. It’s an indescribable energy you should never shy away from.

oh look a pretty quote from the post above

always go with the the flow

Interview with

Je m’appelle comrades

I recently through down a few words for an interview with which isn’t very interesting if I had to be completely honest. But for reasons related to SEO and conforming to the standards of internet recognition, I’m going to talk as if it was. You can check out the whole interview here where I ramble on and drop as many keywords related to linux and crypto currency as I can. Like I just did in that previous sentence actually. Here’s a fancy looking quote of something I said in the interview:

There is too much bullsh*t in the world.

I was going to google an image of a banana and insert that, but I’m worried that it would end up being a copyrighted image of a banana, that would get picked up on mass scan, and then the media moguls would hunt me down and start sending letters saying I’m going to jail unless I agree to settle for £699. So here is an image of the post man delivering a letter.

It’s pink. Now why would I be having a pink letter delivered? Tune in next week, for an update on what was in the letter.

test posy to twitter take 1

it never works the first time does it..

video test