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Zygor World Of Warcraft Addon

I’m always up for a bit of escapism and after a few months of throwing in the towel with WoW (World of Warcraft) I always feel it calling me back. The usual cycle is to subscribe for 30 days, play for about 3 days and then throw in the towel.

The issue has always been, I don’t get any sense of clear progression. I start questing, and before I know it I have a shit load of quests pulling me all over the map. Where to to go next? What would be the most efficient path to get these handed in whilst completing these outstanding ones. Do I even have to take this one, or is it just a side quest that’s just going to extend my quest log – or hang on, maybe I need this quest for progression, as it’s part of a bigger story. I’ll get it just in case – or… fuck it. I’ll log off instead, this game is shit.

So with any problem, I turned to reddit, and was looking for the best quest addon that would streamline the process and babysit me through each step. I tried various free ones, as that’s my favourite price. None of the free ones “cut it” as much as I liked, they either bugged on certain steps, got stuck in loops or simply didn’t make the experience any smoother.

Now let me say at this point, I don’t do sponsored content ever, so below is not an endorsement that benefits me, just something I came across and love. One Addon I kept hear getting mentioned was Zygor, check out the short video below.

I’m not going to  rabbit on about it, it lets you choose a specific quest-line, gives you an option to drop all the irrelevant quests from your log which are not related to the specified quest line, and then just get on with it. It’s a subscription service, about £5 a month, but it’s worth it for me, as it addresses me key frustration and lets me get on with escapism.

Maybe give it a try.

We are two

So, I keep hearing about about how our brain is split into two hemispheres, and how in studies they would put in a curtain that effectively separated the persons field of view between both eyes by running a curtain or board from the centre of their face, forward. It’s hard to explain actually, imagine instead of a nose, you had a big fuck off board that grew out of your face, going from the roof to the floor, and extending out a few feet. If you close your left eye, your right eye can see the right half of the room, and vice versa. So each eye can see a different half of the room.

Then they ask some questions and put a pencil in one hand, and get you to verbalise the answer as well. If I remember correctly, your hand will draw one thing, as it’s one half of your brain answering shit, and your verbal answer may answer different, or be totally unaware of what you’ve drawn. Sound crazy? Well, that’s because it is. Anyway, I thought it would be cool if you could recreate a version of this experiment at home. i.e. ask yourself questions and see the different in the answer between your hemispheres.

I can’t find jack shit on how you’d do this really, any little mind hacks to see if you get different answers depending if you draw the result or answer out loud. Maybe it’s because it could induce some kind of psychosis or split mind personality, but I think it could be pretty fun. I’ll keep my eyes open if I come across something in the future.

Gaming and Depression

Let’s get one thing straight. The person who’s gaming, and that who’s depressed are two different people. But everyone deserves a click bait title.

So, we on facebook I come across this hilarious opening comment:

So it’s kind of funny, because divorce is serious. I’ve spoken it about it with the wife before myself, when the kids were young and it felt like life was falling apart, so know how low you feel during the whole process, but it’s finished off with a funny comment about more time for WoW (World of Warcraft). It just so happens I’m enjoying a fun stint of WoW at the moment which I’ll probably detail in another post at sometime, so it was relevant, funny quip to read on facebook.

I decided to go diving a bit more deeper to see what I could find, as my interest was peaked. The cause was confirmed not to be too much playing of WoW, but:

Now this one struck me as interesting. I’d like to start by saying this guys first language isn’t English, so I may have misinterpreted what he is saying, but to me , it’s “she’s the problem, because she’s depressed and choosing not to fight it”. Now that exhibits a strong reaction from me, as I’ve walked the path of postnatal depression myself, if we’re to put a label on it. After our two kids were born less than a year apart, a struggled with misery because you’re getting no fucking sleep, and your life as you knew it, was over. As it transpires, for the better; but in those dark early days, it’s a fucking struggle, or at least it was for me. So to have a response thrown down that seems to convey the message that depression is something you choose not to fight, and can be solved with just seeing things as “positive” threw me off a little.

I wrote down my response and read it, and I knew it was going to put the guy on the defensive, and I also know, as soon as someone is defensive, they dig in deeper, they don’t suddenly have a fucking revelation and say “ohhh shit yeah, you’re right, thanks for that” – they just tell you to fuck off, you don’t understand, in as many words. And it’s not about being right anyway, I don’t know if I’m right, but I do have an experience to share which may be related and may be able to help this guy see shit from the other side.

It is worth noting, earlier in the conversation he had said “… If only she took help” which may suggest she didn’t want to see a doc, which may be related to his original comment about flight or fight. Hence why I wanted to mention how it helped me. Depression is no fucking joke, and it comes with many faces. If you’re struggling, go see the quack and see what options are available. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. But don’t reject it off hand because of any stigma attached, and you being unable to get a handle on things is because you’re weak. “Shit happens” a quote that I live by, shit always happens. Sometimes you need help, sometimes those closest to you can’t help, so you’ve got to try something else. And who in their right mind turns down free fucking drugs?

Interview with

Je m’appelle comrades

I recently through down a few words for an interview with which isn’t very interesting if I had to be completely honest. But for reasons related to SEO and conforming to the standards of internet recognition, I’m going to talk as if it was. You can check out the whole interview here where I ramble on and drop as many keywords related to linux and crypto currency as I can. Like I just did in that previous sentence actually. Here’s a fancy looking quote of something I said in the interview:

There is too much bullsh*t in the world.

I was going to google an image of a banana and insert that, but I’m worried that it would end up being a copyrighted image of a banana, that would get picked up on mass scan, and then the media moguls would hunt me down and start sending letters saying I’m going to jail unless I agree to settle for £699. So here is an image of the post man delivering a letter.

It’s pink. Now why would I be having a pink letter delivered? Tune in next week, for an update on what was in the letter.

Percent change different between same numbers

Okay, I get it, when going from 10 to 20, it’s a 100% change. And when going from 20 to 10 it’s a 50% change, but that doesn’t help me. The process I wrote for novascore to alert you when your ping response times change by great than 20% is great. But when it flips back to the prior value, as per the video below, it just doesn’t look “right”.

A node goes from 13ms to 19ms from one day to the next, so novascore sends the alert. It states there has been an increase to the ping response time of 32 percent, gravy. The following day, the line has returned to usual operation, dropping back from 19ms to 13ms, however the percent change is advertised as 46% decrease. It’s right, mathematically, but if one was just to loop at their emails at a glance, they’d be forgiven for thinking the line has returned to a lower response rate than original.

My brain operates line a finely tuned intel 386, and it’s going to take some time before I come up with the solution to this simple issue.

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