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We are two

So, I keep hearing about about how our brain is split into two hemispheres, and how in studies they would put in a curtain that effectively separated the persons field of view between both eyes by running a curtain or board from the centre of their face, forward. It’s hard to explain actually, imagine instead of a nose, you had a big fuck off board that grew out of your face, going from the roof to the floor, and extending out a few feet. If you close your left eye, your right eye can see the right half of the room, and vice versa. So each eye can see a different half of the room.

Then they ask some questions and put a pencil in one hand, and get you to verbalise the answer as well. If I remember correctly, your hand will draw one thing, as it’s one half of your brain answering shit, and your verbal answer may answer different, or be totally unaware of what you’ve drawn. Sound crazy? Well, that’s because it is. Anyway, I thought it would be cool if you could recreate a version of this experiment at home. i.e. ask yourself questions and see the different in the answer between your hemispheres.

I can’t find jack shit on how you’d do this really, any little mind hacks to see if you get different answers depending if you draw the result or answer out loud. Maybe it’s because it could induce some kind of psychosis or split mind personality, but I think it could be pretty fun. I’ll keep my eyes open if I come across something in the future.